Kanye west and Kim Kardashian Go Surprisingly Understated on the VMA Red Carpet–Xdressy

After asking her stans on Twitter if she should go for “casual chill vibes” or a “dressy sexy” look, Kim Kardashian West and her husband, Kanye West, both went the route of unfussy and undone. The “wife of Pablo” opted for a body-con dress and simple strappy sandals, while her husband evolved the idea of his popular merch with a shirt emblazoned with the title of his new single, “Famous.” It was a clear departure from last year’s ceremony, when the couple coordinated in shades of sandy brown and military green, though arguably also in a monochromatic vein.

Mrs. West—who is on the presenter lineup this year—hasn’t been shy about flaunting her svelte post-baby body, and the ruching at the waist of her dress was a fresh spin on the corset, a trend that she has been embracing all summer. Her all-black look was a nice counterpoint to her husband’s fresh white ensemble, or what you might call a sartorial last hurrah before Labor Day. After their dazzling appearance at the Met Gala in Balmain, the Wests are proving they can make a statement in the simplest LBD and white tee, too.

sexy black short bodycon prom dress with long sleeves

kim kardashian sexy black short bodycon prom dress with long sleeves vma 2016

kim kardashian black short bodycon prom dress with long sleeves




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