The 16 Beauty Tricks to Make Your Prom Pics the Best Ever

Down the road, chances are you won’t remember who you sat with in Bio class Freshman year or the name of your boss at your weekend job at Starbucks. Truthfully, there are probably only a handful of experiences in high school that you’ll really remember for the rest of your life—and prom will certainly be one of them. You spent months picking out your prom dress for the magical evening, plus scoured Pinterest (and the pages of TeenVogue!) for the perfect hair and makeup look. So it only makes sense that you want all your hard work to translate gorgeously into photos that will forever be immortalized on Facebook—and your mom’s mantel. But, this doesn’t mean you have to spend the entire limo ride on the way back from prom adding Valencia filters to all of your pics or un-tagging snaps your friends posted of your “bad side." We turned to the pros to put together a guide of all their genius tips and tricks to help you look your best in each and every shot.

From flash-defying makeup ideas to advice on perfecting the most flattering pose, here’s everything you need to know to make every photo Instagram-worthy—#nofilter necessary!

red long chiffon one shoulder prom dress

1. Prep your skin in advance.

“You’ll want to start a proper skincare regimen at least a few weeks in advance," says celebrity makeup artist Kristofer Buckle. “Concentrate on your face, but also address other areas like your back if you have body acne issues and want to wear a backless dress, or your arms if you have eczema. When you’re testing out new skin care products, you want to give yourself enough time before the big day in case your skin has a negative reaction."

2. Don’t forget to eoliate.

“Eoliate regularly with a gentle scrub like Neutrogena Deep Clean to not only help your skin seal in your moisturizer, but to also create a smooth canvas for your makeup so it shows up flawlessly in photos. If your dress displays your arms, back, or legs, try a DIY allover body scrub with olive oil and chunky sea salt to enhance your skin’s natural glow," says Buckle.

3. Remember: Practice makes perfect.

“You don’t want to experiment with any new colors, formulas or products on the day of prom," advises Buckle. “Test drive your look beforehand with your girlfriends and get their honest opinions. Take photos—with flash and without—and see how you look in natural light since that’s where many of your prom pictures will be taken," he says. Many department stores will offer free, professional makeup consultations and let you take home samples to play with at home.

4. Think about skipping the SPF.

Normally, we’d never advise to skimp on sunscreen, but we’ll make one single exception for prom. “The ingredients in SPF can be reflective with the camera’s flash and make your face look white or extra shiny photographs. Choose a lightweight foundation with low or no SPF like Armani Luminous Silk," says celebrity makeup artist and Simple ambassador Gita Bass.

5. Set your base.

“A great primer on lids, face, and lips smoothes out your skin’s texture and prevents your makeup from melting off in the heat," says celebrity makeup artist Mai Quynh. Nobody wants eyeliner dripping down her cheek. We love Stila Aqua Glow Perfecting Primer for its cooling properties, which feel amazing in the summer heat!

6. Don’t forget your neck.

If you’re wearing cheap prom dresses online that exposes your neck—and there’s a good chance you are—Buckle advises you to choose a foundation that’s the same color as your chest and blend everything from your neck, downward to make sure it all matches. “The flash on a camera tends to make your neck more pale than it is in reality, so you want to avoid a stark contrast in photos," he says.

7. Go easy on the contouring.

“Although you might feel more confident when your face is chiseled with makeup, phone cameras pick up the yellows and oranges in contouring palettes in an unflattering way," says celebrity makeup artist Molly R. Stern. “As an alternative, try using a darker color foundation as your contour. It’s easier to blend than powders and you have more control over how you want to build up the color." Stern’s handy contouring technique is to occasionally stand back from your reflection to really see what the shading is doing to your face. “If you’re too close to your mirror it’s hard to have perspective."

8. Keep it simple.

“You want your makeup to make you look like the best version of your every day self—not someone completely different," says Buckle. “If you normally wear colorful eyeshadows and lipsticks, prom is the perfect opportunity to experiment with an interesting color, like a fuchsia lip. But if you’re more of a no-makeup, makeup girl, try a sheer, neutral palette of pinks and soft golds, then build from there." The goal is to be recognizable when looking back on your prom pics years from now.

9. Think glow, not glitter.

“Avoid overly shimmery and glittery products, especially in the T-zone area, as they will reflect the camera’s flash in a garish way," says Quynh. “Instead, swipe and blend a stick highlighter down the center of your nose, cheekbones, collarbone, and jaw line for a subtler take," says Buckle. Try the cult-favorite NARS The Multiple as your tool of choice.

10. Obliterate shine.

“Set your makeup with a translucent powder that not only extends the life of your makeup look, but controls excess oil that the camera picks up in photos," says Buckle." Laura Mercier Invisible Pressed Setting Powder is universally flattering and doesn’t dry out your skin."

11. Play up your hairstyle.

Slight tweaks to your dream prom hair look can make a big difference. “If you’re doing a bun, consider a topknot that you’ll really be able to see in photos, as opposed to one that sits lower on your head. Or, try a low side chignon and angle your face in photos to put it on display," says celebrity hairstylist Ryan Richman. “If you’re going for a ponytail, think about adding extensions so you have the option of pulling it over the shoulder in photos so people can see it. Beachy waves can look even more amazing in pictures if you gently shake the roots with your fingers to give it a little lift right before the camera snaps," he suggests. Whatever hairstyle you choose, try hair color-matching bobby pins so bobbies that have gone rogue don’t stick out like sore thumb in photos.

12. Consider the lighting.

“Find a shaded area such as a pretty tree to set up the shot. If you try to pose in the bright sun, you will be squinting and the light may create uneven shadows across your face," says Jessa Schifilliti of Love & Light Photographs.

13. Find a flattering pose.

“Stand with one hip slightly closer to the camera," says Schifilliti. “Then roll your shoulders back so your posture improves and elongates your spine. Shift your weight onto the leg that is farthest from the camera so that your body starts to produce a little S-curve, which has a slimming effect." Sounds uncomfortable, but it helps you to at least look relad. “If you’re wearing a long gown, use it to your advantage! Instead of the standard hand-on-hip move, which looks great for your arms but feels a little too posey, gather your dress and hold it up slightly so that your elbow is slightly bent for a chic, natural stance. Plus, everyone will get a peek at your cute shoes!" Also, consider linking arms with your date versus the go-to hug-from-the-back pose.

14. Nail your smile.

“Whitening strips work really well and are great to use for a few days leading up to the prom," says Bass. We like Crest 3D White Lu Whitestrips. “Also, lipsticks in blue-based reds and pinks help to make teeth look whiter and brighter." It’s easy for smiles to feel forced after an hour of snapping photos. To make it feel more natural, “look down at the ground before the shot is taken and pop your eyes up towards the lens—then smile!" says Schifilliti. “This will ensure that your chin is down, your eyes are wide, and your smile is genuine."

15. Prep your photographer (AKA mom and dad).

“Make sure your photographer is shooting slightly above eye level to get your best angle," says Schifilliti. Once you’ve checked off your standard group shots, feel free to mix the photographs up a little. “Some of your favorites photos will be the ones that don’t look too posed. Ask the person snapping away to take some candid photos of you in your natural and carefree state." Pictures of you laughing with your date as you pin on his boutonniere or hanging out with your girlfriends are great options—and are super scrapbook or Instagram like-worthy shots.

16. Stock your beauty emergency kit.

“NYX Blotting Papers fit inside even the tiniest of clutches, and will help control excess oil without piling on a new layer of makeup throughout the night," says Stern. “Keep your lip color handy, too, since you’ll be eating and exchanging cheek kisses with friends," says Buckle.

You’re now equipped with everything you need to know about making your prom pics memorable. Remember: Though prom night is just for a few hours, the pictures you take will last a lifetime.


Make Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Less Stressful and Cheaper

Buying your own wedding dress can feel stressful enough, so imagine how overwhelming it can feel to find the perfect dress for your entire bridal party. From dealing with various personalities to different taste preferences, brides often find the process more difficult than they anticipate. Luckily, many tough parts of the experience can be easily eliminated with a little foresight. Claudia Hanlin, founder of The Wedding Library, shares seven smart tips to make bridesmaid dress shopping as smooth — and fun — as possible.

peach a line sleeveless pleated tulle short bridesmaid dress 2015

1. Be upfront about budgets
Weddings can sometimes feel like an etiquette minefield, and your bridal party members’ budget is one of those sensitive topics that can disrupt even the most meticulously planned process. Don’t put off having that conversation, advises Hanlin. It will help determine where you should shop. Luckily, bridesmaids today have a variety of gorgeous options at any price point, whether they choose to buy off the rack at stores like J.Crew or opt for custom designer frocks at high-end salons. Also don’t forget to factor in costs for alterations when setting your budget. “Almost 75 percent of bridesmaids need to have their dresses altered," says Hanlin. “That cost can be anywhere from $25 to over $100."

2. Do some research online first
“Know what type of look you’re going for before you start making appointments at salons and it’ll make the process so much easier," says Hanlin. “Every style of affordable bridesmaid dresses can be seen online so research is easy (and fun!) to do and will save much time later."

3. Shop early for the best deal
“You should start shopping for your bridal party at least seven to eight months before the big day," says Hanlin. “Not only is this less stressful for everyone, but you’re also more likely to be able to hit a sale (if you’re buying off the rack) or find a quarterly trunk show (where you can get a 15 percent discount) to order the dress and still have enough time to get it delivered without any last minute rushes."

4. Factor in more time than you think
“Unless you are buying off the rack, you need to budget at least three months from when you place the order to when you get it," warns Hanlin. “Many designers have their dresses cut overseas so it’s actually impossible for the boutique to expedite the process beyond a certain point." Orders for the entire bridal party are also placed at the same time to ensure quality control, she explains. Translation: Those perpetually late bridesmaids can delay the entire process!

5. Have your bridesmaids professionally measured
Even though many bridesmaid dresses are being made to order, the customer is not getting a custom dress. Instead, ‘maids are measured and then fit into a preexisting size (usually two to 24). Because each designer sizes differently, it’s important that each bridesmaid provide correct measurements in order to prevent problems later. While many boutiques might have their sales staff measure bridesmaids, they are not seamstresses, Hanlin says. “Ultimately the customer is on the hook for providing her correct measurements, so it’s very important that she also goes to a professional seamstress to get them taken."

6. Make multiple appointments at the boutique
“Don’t bring your entire bridal party into the shop the first time you start looking for dresses," recommends Hanlin. “Instead just go with your mother or your maid of honor or one or two bridesmaids and have them help you narrow down your initial choices." Once you’ve found a few favorites, then ask the rest of the party to weigh in. Have the consultant set aside your picks and show only those to your bridesmaids, she says.

7. Don’t forget to inquire about extra length
“If your bridesmaid is 5’8″ or above, she might need extra length if you’re wearing a long dress, especially if she’s wearing high heels," says Hanlin. “Bring accessories to the initial fitting and know that there’s often an additional cost associated with extra length."

How to Dress for Any Occasion-Cocktail Dress

The Occasion: A Cocktail Party
Old etiquette: No surprise here―a cocktail dress.

red sleeveless short a line draped satin cocktail dress v neck

New etiquette: Cocktail dresses are always in style, but you have other options.

What to wear: These days, a cocktail party can be anything from a swanky society affair―cue that glittery knee-length number from the “special occasions” department―to a low-key group of friends gathered around a platter of crudités. But for the most part, “cocktail parties are dressy-casual, so you can’t go wrong if you wear a top with some special details and a skirt or tailored pants, plus heels or fancy flats,” says Williamson. “Avoid fabrics that are too casual, like chino, jersey, and denim.”
black and pink sleeveless a line knee length tulle two tone cocktail dress

cheap cocktail dresses nz
A fitted cashmere or fine-gauge merino-wool top with a knee-length satin skirt, heels, earrings, and an armful of stacked bangles is just right, he says. Sue Fox, an etiquette authority based in Paso Robles, California, and the author of Etiquette for Dummies, also suggests a pantsuit, provided it doesn’t look too corporate. (Under the jacket, wear a silky camisole or some other feminine top with an evening vibe.) Keep in mind that different cities have their own dress codes, says Rothman: “Cocktail attire in Miami is just as dressy and chic as in New York, regardless of the weather differences, while in San Diego it’s interpreted a bit more casually, because the city is relaxed.”

How to Pick the Right Veil for Your Wedding Dress

While a veil is no longer an absolute must for the modern bride, many engaged women are still choosing to wear them, mostly because, well, it makes them feel like a bride. The trick is knowing what type of veil to pair with what type of wedding dress to make the most impact. We asked several renowned bridal experts to share their top secrets.

bridal headpieces

A Heavily Embellished Gown
If you have your heart set on a heavily beaded or embellished dress, you can go one of two ways with your veil. For the princess-y bride who loves herself some sparkle, a classic, raw edge cathedral veil with scattered Swarovski that will ‘twinkle’ as you walk down the aisle is absolutely stunning, says Carla Imbriano, lead designer at Boutique de Voile. Another fitting option she suggests: “A veil with minimal matching beadwork along the edge."

A Simple-But-Stunning Dress
If a bride has a simple dress and wants to amp up the drama without any embellishments, an angel cut veil trimmed in satin, horsehair or organza is always a good choice, notes Kleinfeld Fashion Director Terry Hall. “It will frame the face of the bride beautifully, and when it cascades down, you’ll see a spiral of fabric on the edge that gives you that dramatic look and feel." A veil with touches of light lace is also very elegant styled with a simple dress, says bridal stylist and wedding expert Renée Strauss.

wedding veils

A Dress with a Statement Back
A breathtaking ornate or sheer illusion lace back is a popular trend. To show off your backside, Imbriano recommends a special custom cut cathedral without any accents (beadwork or crystals) in the body of the veil. Think sheer and chic and remember to steer clear of multiple layers of fabric.

A Gown with a Long Train
As long as your gown doesn’t have a ton of back detail, you can pretty much wear any type of veil with a dress that has a long train, tells Hall. His favorite, however, is by far a cathedral veil. “It’s so interesting and creates a dramatic, ethereal look." Just make sure the veil extends past the train, he advises. This is particularly important if the train on the wedding gown is heavily beaded, adds Strauss.

A Gown with a Long Train
As long as your gown doesn’t have a ton of back detail, you can pretty much wear any type of veil with a dress that has a long train, tells Hall. His favorite, however, is by far a cathedral veil. “It’s so interesting and creates a dramatic, ethereal look." Just make sure the veil extends past the train, he advises. This is particularly important if the train on the wedding gown is heavily beaded, adds Strauss.

A Modern Dress
For brides opting to go the contemporary route (think fit-and-flare, mermaid gowns and tea-length dresses), a more modern style veil is perfectly appropriate, points out Elisha Caplan, Designer and Owner of Elisha Caplan Veils & Headpieces. “These are the short, layered, square-cut and blusher styles. A wedding veils with lace (shoulder to elbow length) is great for a tea-length dress or a city hall dress," she says.

single tier wedding cathedral length beautiful laced edge long veil

A Vintage Wedding Dress
If your something borrowed happens to be your wedding dress, why not go all out with a birdcage veil to match? “It will become the ornate part of the ensemble," says Strauss.

A Short Wedding Dress
The shorter the dress, the shorter the veil! “For a sassy, cocktail length gown or shorter, we love a birdcage veil, or better yet, a whimsical multiple layer veil in a shorter length … something reminiscent of an Audrey Hepburn movie," say Imbriano.

A Beachy Bohemian Dress
Getting hitched oceanfront? According to Strauss, a chapel veil is great for a beach wedding when you want the veil flowing in the wind but not to be too cumbersome.

Stunning Evening/Prom Dresses For A Special Occasion

Hey girls I present you some Gorgeous Evening Dresses For A Special Occasion. If you are looking for gorgeous dresses for a special occasion you are on a right place Idress always have best choice for you fashionistas. If you want to shine at your meeting or celebration you can choose from these beautiful dresses, and if you want to buy any of these IDRESS is best online shop for evening dresses. From a variety of colors, fabrics and silhouettes, you has many different looks to choose from. Know what kind of event you’re attending and if there is a dress code or not. Think about silhouettes that fit the occasion and start browsing to your heart’s content. Formal events often have a specific dress expectation for their guests, and you want to be the belle of the ball while still maintaining the proper decorum. Be confident in your formal gown and make rounds at the event. Let your beautiful evening gown carry you through the night.
Don’t be afraid of showing off your curves. It is more sexy and elegant. You will be in the center of the world with wearing one of these evening dresses. These collection includes stunning gowns appropriate for many different occasions and entails gorgeous and unique dresses in all different styles. KEEP CALM AND BE FASHIONISTA!

This blush evening dress made of high quality chiffon,  featuring  v neck, long net sleeves made with black lace,  plunging V back giving subtle sexy look,  lace adorned giving a high waistline, skirt is long with back zippered up.

long sleeve black lace v neck blush chiffon long evening dress

Elegant and modern this beautiful high-low prom dress shows ultra-feminine charm of women. Sparkly beadings decorate the center of strapless bodice and outline the sweetheart neckline, quality chiffon flows into high-low skirt with sweep train. Zip closure.

beaded sweetheart neck strapless high low chiffon prom dress

Red mini prom dress has top red lace bodice, A-line pleated red organza skirt falls, back is delicate cut hole. Half sleeves end.

half sleeved red lace organza mini prom dress

Floral lace applique dust pink mini length tulle prom dress.

floral lace appliques dust pink mini tulle prom dress

Illusion neckline lace applique pearl pink long chiffon prom dress.

illusion neck lace applique pearl pink long chiffon prom dress

Sexy one shoulder pastel yellow prom dress with lace embellishment. One shoulder long sleeve bodice wrapped by transparent lace tulle, godet skirt with floor length finishes off the look.

sleeve yellow floor length prom dress

Classic lace embroidery on this fashion high-low strapless prom dress. Bodycon silhouette with high-low skirt exuding feminine glamor, sweetheart neckline wrapped by delicate lace, scalloped hemline, lace up back.

strapless sweetheart high low prom dressstrapless sweetheart high low prom dress

Sexy royal blue prom dress ready for special evening party. Strapless bodice accented with plunging sweetheart neckline, mermaid silhouette flatters body whilst blingling overlayer highlighted any occasion.

sweetheart royal blue mermaid evening dress

This black long formal evening dress is elegant with sheer tulle over the top and back, lace appliqued resemble shoulder straps, deep V neckline cut and slim design flatters your perfect figure.

v neck strap black formal evening dress

Want to see more beautiful stunning dresses, click here IDress 

Dream wedding dresses for bridals

Enjoy the beautiful dream wedding dresses, beautiful wedding dress absolute presents charming and lovely, and dreamy texture feeling. Organza as a fishtail skirt and transparent with crisp texture, very alluring fantasy. The upper part of the heavy solid flowers to make the whole dress full of feminine flavor. Although the material is not expensive but hard gauze, can support the three-dimensional modeling, showing the crisp sense of style. Special printing to make the dress very fashionable, suitable for young and fashionable bride wearing.

Let see some idress dream discount wedding dresses nz

Sultry and sexy, this dramatic sheath floor length lace wedding dress is one your guests will never forget! Short sleeve bodice features peek-a-boo detail and beaded applique along v neck and spaghetti straps. Open back draw all attentions with dropped accent.

beaded spaghetti straps peek a boo sexy long sheath lace wedding dress

This vintage A-line floor length wedding dress colored in off-white. Cap sleeve bodice features sweetheart neckline and pleated detail, enforced by beaded belted waist to enhance your curves. Open back. Buttons accented.

cap sleeve pleated floor length vintage off white a line wedding dress

This elegant ivory trumpet long wedding dress decorated with all over cream lace appliques, ending up with scalloped edge. v neckline, applique straps, open back. Fit and flare silhouette.

cream applique sleeveless trumpet long ivory wedding dress v neck

Sleeveless bodice with scalloped edge v neckline highlight this stunning cream satin wedding gown. Ball gown skirt falls into A-line silhouette with gathered detail creating dramatic look. Exquisite illusion embroidered back with buttons finishing off the look.

scalloped v neck sleeveless cream ball gown satin long wedding dress